Building Our Industrial Strategy- FE can lead the way

The Government launched its Green Paper this month – Building Our Industrial Strategy – which focuses on how the UK can and must drive growth to ensure that individuals and businesses can thrive in our changing economy.
10 ‘Pillars’ are identified within the Paper, which include ‘Developing Skills’. Many of the proposals resonate with the ethos, concept and values of the Career Colleges Trust and we are delighted to see that employer-led education is highlighted as being key to driving up standards.
Ruth Gilbert has written an article about the proposals which you can read in full here.
The Government is now consulting on its plans and inviting people throughout the country to contribute their views. The Trust will be collating views from our stakeholders and will be responding formally to the consultation in early April 2017.
We would be hugely grateful if you could let us know your views on the key proposals being put forward – which we will use as part of our formal response to Government. Tell us what you think by emailing [email protected]

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