Career Colleges – designed by employers to develop the skills they need in their workforce

With the skills gap continuing to widen across so many industries, the Career Colleges Trust is working with employers to support and expand the network around the country.
Our aim is to maximise career opportunities for young people whilst developing a pipeline of talent for employers. We currently have Career Colleges specialising sectors where employers are finding it difficult to recruit, including:

  • Hospitality and Catering
  • Health and Care
  • Digital
  • Professional Services
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Air and Defence
  • Rural Tourism

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What employers have to say about Career Colleges.

“I am very passionate about opportunities being created for young people to enter engineering and manufacturing, and it is great to see two such excellent educational establishments coming together in this way.”
Geoff Ford MBE, Chairman Ford Aerospace Limited and Ford Component Manufacturing Limited
“Northumberland Tourism is proud to be involved with Northumberland Career College developing the skills of the next generation helps build a stronger future for the county’s economy whilst enhancing the visitor experience and opening up an amazing career path for the graduates of the Career College.”
Natalie Wood, Business Relationships Manager, Northumberland Tourism
“Northumberland Career College’s mission is to give young people the skills and route maps into fulfilling careers which is vital for the future of the North East and the wider UK economy. Its emphasis on providing students with opportunities to gain work experience is crucial to make them work ready’ and helps solve that ‘catch 22’ situation where young people cannot get a job until they get experience but they cannot get experience until they get a job.”
John Welsh, Plant Assets Manager, Banks Mining
“The greatest strength of any hospital is its staff. Our Career College partnership with Yeovil College provides us with an innovative opportunity to address our evolving workforce needs.
“By working together, we provide bespoke vocational and academic education which equips local young people with the skills and real-life experience they need to succeed and provide exceptional care in the NHS of tomorrow.”
Paul Mears, Chief Executive of Yeovil Hospital
“Hospitality is one of the most exciting and rewarding career paths there is, and at Babylon we’re very passionate about showcasing the opportunities that our sector can create. We’re proud to support Hugh Baird’s Career College and the fantastic work it does inspiring and helping students to learn the essential skills needed to drive the next generation in our industry”
Peter Avis, Restaurant Manager, Babylon at The Roof Gardens

Employer Factsheets

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