Lincoln College Group
Air & Defence Career College
Lincoln College has joined forces with The Royal Air Force and a raft of other top aerospace industry firms to open its Career College in Air and Defence.
The study programmes offer a unique blend of academic education and technical training, infused with an additional focus on leadership,
communication and team building. These programmes have been specifically designed to create secure career paths in the RAF, aerospace and catering
industries for young people.
Construction Career College
Working with The Gelder Group and a raft of other top construction and housing specialists, Lincoln College has opened its Career College in
construction. Students will get involved with industry-set projects, co-designed by employers – equipping them to enter their career of choice, ahead of the
game and ready to progress.
Health & Care Career College
In addition to a Construction and RAF Career College, the Lincoln College Group is exploring the possibility of opening a Health and Care Career College in the
near future.
Working closely with the local NHS Trust, the Career College would prepare students for a career in the Health and Care Industry. Students at each of these
Career Colleges will spend a significant proportion of time experiencing industry environments first hand through an extensive programme of work experience.
Industry experts will join their tutors at college to pass on their knowledge and experience. Core academic study areas like Maths, English and Science will be
contextualised to the specialism of the Career College, with digital skills development being a major priority.