Parent launches new website to help students choose their education options

Faced with the daunting task of finding a secondary school for his eldest son Tony Wittridge was frustrated by the lack of information available to parents. Seeing lots of other parents in the same position who were also spending hours online researching schools and when the next Open Evenings where coming up, Tony decided to take matters into his own hands.
“It’s a big decision for a child and their parents when choosing a school,” explains Tony Wittridge, Founder and Managing Director of “Parents have a great deal of choice, but it’s hard to compare schools or colleges. If you’re not familiar with the area or not connected to parents who have already been through this process, then you really are left on your own to make these big decisions. It gets even tougher if you are looking outside of your local borough, all I wanted was a detailed site with all schools in one place with the information you need.
Open Evenings
“Schools often have open days and structured events for students to come and visit but these are often poorly advertised and sometimes don’t even feature on the school’s own website. How frustrating it is spending hours researching schools only to later find out you missed some entirely. This is not a good use of any parent’s time.”
“I work in a further and higher education college myself,” continues Tony, “so I know only too well that the problem is exacerbated as you climb further through the education system. Once you start looking further afield at colleges and universities, it literally opens up the whole of the UK and it takes the research required to a whole new level.”
“It’s not just the parents and students who are getting a bad deal here. Schools, colleges and universities are missing out on the chance to talk to prospective students and promote the benefits of their institution. Open evenings are only successful if students know about them and it can be the difference between a course running or not when it comes to further and higher education. That directly affects teaching staff and the reputation of the college or university.
“We launched to provide a central source of information for parents to research primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities. All educational establishments are listed on the website and are immediately visible to prospective students. Schools, College and Universities can then choose to subscribe to our service and promote their events through the site.
Tony concludes: “The site isn’t just a list of events, we’re providing links to other useful websites and Ofsted reports so that parents can gather all of the information they need to make their choices. How to guides and articles, written by educational experts who discuss the main points to consider when making decisions. The whole site is designed to be an informative and unbiased place for students and parents alike to thoroughly and easily consider their options.”
About is a free and central source information for parents and students to find open events and to compare schools, colleges and universities. Simple navigation, intelligent search options and unbiased information help learners to make an educated decision about the next phase of their learning journey.
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