Built Environment Youth Summit – 7th March

Why? Dispelling myths- highlighting career opportunities

When MOST people think of the Built Environment or Construction, they think of building and physical materials (bricks, woodwork etc.). But the truth is that a lot of construction and modernisation of our built environment is about much wider vocations, great career opportunities, the need for a range of skills, and interaction with technologies for Intelligent Buildings. This means:

  • Project management skills, to plan some of the most incredible buildings, in physical constraints e.g. the Shard in Central London, made largely of glass and steel/concrete frame.
  • Fit and finish to very high standards, ‘post construction’
  • Technical skills, for design, engineering, data and communications, and purchasing. So much is planned in computer-based design (BIM) and this is one of the key requirements for entering the industry.
  • Recognising that the Built Environment offers some of the best salaried, great careers in the UK, and worldwide.

With a high proportion of the workforce retiring, and skills needed changing, this is an amazing time for young people to be entering this industry.
What: An opportunity to speak with your people working in the sector, and with industry leaders, and find out more…
7th March, London. Coinciding with National Apprenticeship Week, we have invited Minister Anne Milton to attend.
The draft timetable for the event is below. We recognise that our national student and staff network may find it easier to join by weblink/ webinar and use the video of the event for training and promotion in each college.
Attendance at the event is for Career College students and industry leaders who have pledged practical support for Career Colleges.
9am  coffee/arrival & networking for a 10am start.
1:30  lunch and networking
2:30pm Close
Who: Invitation only- please express interest by visiting our eventbrite page

  1. “Youth ambassadors”- young people working in the construction industry, from different built environment firms- for ‘question time’ panel
  2. Students at Construction Career Colleges – opportunity to attend or view online and ask questions from people in industry
  3. Students from the wider Career College network- live stream too, via webinar
  4. Industry leaders- for ‘question time’ panel

NB There is no fee to Career Colleges.
How: In a similar format to TV Question Time. We have a panel of industry leaders and a separate panel of young people from industry running a Q&A.
We’ll publish more details shortly to those who express interest.