Career College North East praised for lighting the spark of ambition

New key data findings have led Career College North East (CCNE) to be praised for lighting the spark of ambition in young students and getting them on track for employment success.

It shows 100 per cent of learners on CCNE’s most recent two-year programme attained the goal of progression into further learning or new training.

All 15 students, aged 14 to 16, who completed the course during the summer, gained a foothold in key employment sectors.

These include manufacturing engineering, electrical engineering, welding, IT, plumbing, motor vehicle, catering and uniformed services.

CCNE leaders say the results reveal how CCNE can play a pivotal role in opening up career opportunities early for schoolchildren who have identified a specific career route.

The programme, which operates as a partnership between South Tyneside College and St Wilfrid’s RC College, in South Shields, launched in 2015.

It teaches engineering, advanced manufacturing and ICT, alongside six core GCSEs, allowing for progression before the age of 16 into in-demand professions.

Paul Given, Head of CCNE, says: “These fantastic outcomes highlight the role CCNE is playing in boosting the career ambitions of its students.

“It not only gives them first-class training, but it also helps clearly signpost their 

progression into jobs in vitally important employment fields.

“Crucially, CCNE is playing an important part in filling skills’ gaps in the

industrial sectors that are screaming out for ambition, talented and committed new entrants.

“Even if our students choose to change course at the end of the two years and target an entirely different career, they have still benefited from a truly pioneering programme of learning.

“They have gained from an advanced programme of training and have undergone learning experiences quite unlike those who study solely in school.

“I would urge any Year 9 pupil in any school in this region, to consider jumping aboard CCNE so that they can benefit from programme of exciting learning.”

Bev Jones, Joint CEO of Career Colleges Trust, says: “We are delighted to see CCNE students achieving such fantastic results and progression.

“Career Colleges focus on supporting young people into great career pathways and this is exactly what we are seeing in South Tyneside.

“Congratulations to all the students and tutors for their hard work and we wish them all the very best as they take the next steps in their exciting career journeys.”

CCNE blends vocational learning with academic education and targets it at 14-year-olds, putting them on the front foot with the region’s employers.

It aims to help close skills gaps through partnerships with employers, ensuing students gain key skills and work-ready attributes.

Partners include car manufacturer Nissan and professional services firm Accenture, which both provide three weeks of high-quality work experience.

Students learn engineering, advanced manufacturing and ICT a day a week at South Tyneside College, and study GCSEs at Ofsted ‘outstanding’ St Wilfrid’s.

The programme delivers clear progression routes into higher and further education, apprenticeships and employment.

Successful candidates can also take a pre-cadetship in marine engineering at world-leading South Shields Marine School, which is based at South Tyneside College.

CCNE is recruiting, and further information is available by calling South Tyneside College on 0191 427 3500, visiting or emailing [email protected]