The CyberHub Trust is a charity that was designed to bring together cyber security professionals, young people, students and apprentices, to provide `on-the-job’ training and education and enable graduates to enter the cyber security market with skills and experience, as well as qualifications.

Career Colleges were instrumental in developing the CyberHub Trust, which aligns perfectly with CCT’s focus on Digital Skills in our colleges. The CyberHub Trust also works with, and is advised by UK Criminal Justice agencies, including the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) `CyberFirst’ Programme.

The primary purpose of the CyberHub Trust is to promote education and training of cyber security, to convert potentially criminal hackers to productive members of society and to facilitate a pipeline of well trained, qualified and experienced young people into the (relatively) new industry of Cyber Security.

The CyberHub Trust operates by providing Secure Operations Centres (SOCs) within FE Colleges, where CCT students can work alongside experienced Tier 3 cyber security professionals, receiving formal education, training and on-the-job experience. The SOCs will operate as cyber security centres of excellence, not only providing shadowing and training opportunities, but also providing local businesses with cyber security, anti-hacking and cyber testing services.

Community Outreach Programmes will also be offered, whereby local schoolchildren or senior citizens could be educated about cyber security, military personnel wishing to return to productive civilian life could receive appropriate education & on-the-job training and potential hackers can be identified, mentored and helped to move away from hacking towards becoming productive members of the cyber community.

This is one of Career Colleges’ most recent and exciting joint ventures, where our students are able not only to gain excellent educational qualifications, but also `real-world’, on-the-job training so that they can enter the job market with training and experience – something employers are desperate to find (and therefore happy to pay a premium for!).