Work Placement Pilots for T levels, in action- sharing experience from the Career College network- 19th March

What and why?
With the first tranche of T levels in development and FE colleges being asked to confirm their commitment last week, the Trust believes it would be helpful to showcase insight from pioneers currently involved in the large-scale work experience pilots. We want to support DfE colleagues with practical recommendations coming out of the pilot (even at this early stage) to inform policy being developed for the T levels with employer panels right now. This national showcase of experience, set in the context of high performing colleges, is also designed to support FE colleagues across the UK.
19th March, London. DfE colleagues will be in attendance and it is hoped they will contribute to the event.
Once again we recognise that our national student and staff network may find it easier to join by weblink/ webinar and use the video of the event for training and promotion in each college.  Attendance at the event is for Career College staff (free of charge) and for a small cost contribution of £50 per head to the wider national education network.
Proposed timing:
9:30am  coffee/arrival & networking for a 10:30am start.
Lunch & networking opportunity will be provided.
2pm close
Who: Please express interest by visiting the Eventbrite page.
There will be a showcase from Career Colleges, including Yeovil College, of its experience of managing large-scale work placement.
More details will follow shortly.